Memorial Stories

In Memoriam

We think of Grateful Dogs Rescue as an extended family made up of our dedicated volunteers, our wonderful adopters, and of course our beloved canine companions. We celebrate together, and we mourn together. On this page we honor the lives of the dogs we have loved and lost.

To memorialize your dog, please send a story and picture to  Stories may be edited for length.

This page is dedicated to Archie and Decca.

Penny: I’ll Never Get Over Her

“I adopted Penny in April of 2006 when she was about seven years old. Penny was shy and stand-offish, having been abandoned and not liking it a bit. We bonded quickly and tightly, going everywhere together. She was my main squeeze and support when my partner passed away in 2008. For a quiet dog, Penny had a very impressive presence. Something about her was not only cute and sweet to me but to so many others! Her ears were very soft and people would coo over her, and many MANY times, people would photograph her, often people pulling over in cars to do so! I walked her around Stow Lake for about a year daily. I told all of the other Stow Lake walkers that I was moving and
when my and Penny’s last day would be. People showed up with video cameras to capture her unique and sweet saunter. Penny asked for so little and gave so much. I had to put Penny to sleep last week, a hard decision to make, but the best for her quality of life. A huge hole is in my life with her gone.
I’ll never get over her.”

From A Grateful Dogs Rescue Adopter

Ollie became our dog on June 13th, 1996. His description stated that Ollie was “terrified, withdrawn and aggressive“. Ollie had been an abandoned dog slated for euthanasia until he was rescued by Michelle Parris. The first few weeks were very difficult for him as we tried to draw him out of his shell and encourage him to trust us. We were so proud of the way he overcame his fears and became a fiercely loyal and obedient dog. We often referred to Ollie as our “velcro dog” became he never left our sides even when off leash in a park. Ollie had the biggest smile of my three dogs and he smiled often.  His happy bark was so powerful that his front paws would fly off the ground with each WOOF. Ollie was very sensitive and we were always so careful not to scold him unless he really screwed up as he took his scoldings to heart and would downcast and guilt ridden for hours afterwards. Ollie added so much to our lives. We did not realize what a strong stranglehold he would take on our hearts in the 18 years he lived with us.

On Friday night, August 10, 2012, Ollie suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side. His head was pulled slightly to the right as well. He had become blind and a bit deaf 2 years earlier. We spent the weekend carrying him everywhere and holding him for hours and letting him know how much we loved him. On Monday, August 13th, we took him to the vet to be put to sleep. We promised ourselves years ago that when any of our dogs’ quality of life went down and life was no longer fun and joyous for them, we would not let them suffer needlessly.

Good bye, my sweet Ollie. We had a great run together. We will honor your memory by always adopting hard-to-place dogs.