Dexter: A Young Chihuahua Needs A Foster Home

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for a foster home for a young dog named Dexter who was not made available for adoption at the shelter. If you can open your home to help us get this at-risk dog out of the shelter until a forever home can be found, please fill out an foster application.

Dexter is a nine month old, small male Chihuahua who weighs around twelve pounds. Dexter is a cute puppyish scamp with coloring and physique like a miniature corgi;  He has mild hair loss on his lower back that the vet suspects is FAD and is treating with cephalexin. He was quite friendly and playful with the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator. He was excited and a bit mouthy in play like an active young dog. Dexter was confident and curious outside, interested in other dogs – not in a bad way – no barkiness noticed. We found Dexter to be spunky, energetic, active and fun. Back in the kennel he amused himself romping with a tennis ball and chewing on the GDR volunteer’s  hand (which was not encouraged).

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