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Sweet Older Pit Bull Needs A Foster Home

Calvin is a sweet older pit bull who needs a foster home. The shelter is estimating him at about 9 years old, but seems younger. He has a perfect temperament with people and dogs. Calvin arrived with scabs on his face like from chemical burns – they are healing but they want him to go to rescue instead of be adopted from the shelter.

Grateful Dogs Rescue didn’t have time to get him out of his enclosure, so the photo is behind bars. Don’t hold it against him.

If you can foster Calvin until a adoptive home can be found for him, please fill out a Foster Application.

Lacy Needs A Foster Home

Lacy is a one year old, 6-1/2 pound pretty, tan, petite chihuahua. This little girl has undergone a transformation and become outgoing and friendly. She did not growl at the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator as she had in past, but was happy to have company. Lacy enjoyed being petted and having lap time, she behaved politely and attentively. She was confident and happy on a walk; good on leash; fine with people and dogs and fine being picked up. Lacy is not a barker. She settled nicely next to the GDR volunteer when returned to her kennel. A pleasure.

Note that she does take a few minutes to warm up to new people but if they are patient and let her approach she is a sweetie.

If you can foster Lacy until a forever home can be found for her, please feel out a Foster Application.

Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Needs A Foster Home

Foster home needed for sweet, friendly, playful 3-year-old chocolate Cocker Spaniel. Hershey has had his hair has been shaved since this photo was taken. Please help us get her out of the shelter environment until a forever home can be found.

This is Hershey

If you can foster Hershey, please fill out a Foster Application.

Dexter: A Young Chihuahua Needs A Foster Home

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for a foster home for a young dog named Dexter who was not made available for adoption at the shelter. If you can open your home to help us get this at-risk dog out of the shelter until a forever home can be found, please fill out an foster application.

Dexter is a nine month old, small male Chihuahua who weighs around twelve pounds. Dexter is a cute puppyish scamp with coloring and physique like a miniature corgi;  He has mild hair loss on his lower back that the vet suspects is FAD and is treating with cephalexin. He was quite friendly and playful with the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator. He was excited and a bit mouthy in play like an active young dog. Dexter was confident and curious outside, interested in other dogs – not in a bad way – no barkiness noticed. We found Dexter to be spunky, energetic, active and fun. Back in the kennel he amused himself romping with a tennis ball and chewing on the GDR volunteer’s  hand (which was not encouraged).

Great Dane Boxer Mix Needs A Foster Home

Marmaduke is a male black and white Great Dane/Boxer mix – a nice big guy. He did fine out in the yard but had no interest in balls.

Marmaduke did fine with handling and he comes when called. He met a small dog and did fine and also met a very active shepherd and did fine. He play bows but really does not quite understand the play thing and if another dog is too rough he walks away. Marmaduke did fine with food. He pulls on his leash but does respond to correction. What the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator really like dis this guy never did jump up on her. Nice dog and adoptable.

If you can open you home temporarily to foster Marmaduke until Grateful Dogs Rescue finds an adoptive home for him, please fill out a Foster Application.

Miniature Pinscher/Dachshund Mix Needs A Foster Home

Luther is a male black and brown Miniature Pinscher/Dachshund mix who is 3 years old. This dog was hiding under a blanket when the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator opened the cage, but once out of his blanket was seeking attention.

Luther does not walk well on leash (dances in circles and sprints) so he needs training. He is full of energy, loves to run around. Luther did great with handling, and let the GDR volunteer cut his nails. He continuously checked in with the GDR evaluator and loves to jump up on her lap for attention. Luther did good with other dogs and was not interested in the food for the food bowl test. He is okay for adoption.

If you can foster until Grateful Dogs Rescue finds an adopter, please fill out an application at

Can You Foster A Pug/Chihuahua Mix

Sparrow is a male Pug/Chihuahua mix who is cream and around 1-1/2 years old. He is a sweet little dog who is really shy but wants to be your friend. He was playing with the Grateful Dogs Rescue volunteer evaluator a little. Sparrow did great with another dog and showed no food issues. Okay for adoption.

Update: Sparrow is no longer shy and has become very outgoing

If you can foster Sparrow to rescue her from the shelter until an adopter is found, please fill out a foster application. Click here to find out more about being a foster volunteer for Grateful Dogs Rescue.

Meet And Adopt Bates In Golden Gate Park Today!

My name is Bates (short for Beethoven) and I am a handsome and talkative Rat Terrier and Dachshund mix gentleman in my middle years. I will be at Pet Pride in Golden Gate Park today from 11:00 until 3:00 and I hope you’ll come and meet me. Click here for more info on the event.

I am fully house trained and understand that my crate is for sleeping (though I will always choose to be closer to you, if you’ll let me!); I am happy sunning myself under a window all day but also adore being leashed up or riding in the car to any outdoor adventure. Once out in the world, I will stay by your heel (even when you let me off leash) unless there is a particularly enticing smell to stop at, but I will sprint to catch up with you again before you’re out of sight. Joggers and strange dogs running toward us get me riled up, and I will tell them off, unless you distract me first.It’s my job to protect you, after all!

I love to run and romp with a friend, and do engage in some light wrestling with my foster sister on a regular basis. At my age, I have a clear sense of who and what I’m comfortable with and what the proper behaviors are for both myself and others, but with gentleness, patience, and consistency I can also adapt to new situations and people.

I am around 8 years old, a trim 13 pounds, and looking to settle down into a nice routine with a mellow human companion or two, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Will it be you?

If you are interested in adopting Bates, please complete the Grateful Dogs Rescue online adoption application at One of our volunteers will get back to you. Adoptions are local, confined to the SF Bay Area.

Through a generous grant from Maddie’s Adoption Fund, Bates qualifies to have his adoption fee waived through the end of 2013!

Grateful Dogs Rescue Featured Adoption Story


Last year my Cattle Dog Rocky, my constant companion of 13 years, was slowing down and I knew his time was growing short. I started checking rescue sites to see if I could find another Cattle Dog or Cattle Dog Mix to help heal my aching heart. I needed a dog that would be good with cats since, in addition to Rocky and Princess Puppy, I also had Princess Kitty. Your volunteer suggested that I meet Amber.  I really wanted another male, but Amber looked so sweet that we arranged a meeting. Needless to say, I adopted her the same day I met her.

Amber is so sweet and mellow and never leaves my side. She was found wandering the streets and was turned in to the San Francisco Shelter. She is so well trained and has such a lovely disposition; you couldn’t ask for a better dog. Everyone that sees her mentions how good looking she is and asks what breed she is. She does look like she could have Pit in her, but a DNA test says she is predominately Chinese Shar-Pei Mix crossed with American Bulldog. Also, Lhasa Apso, Black and Tan Coonhound, Boxer, White Swiss Shepherd and Miniature Poodle!

I lost Rocky in May. With the help of my vet, he went to sleep on his bed on the backyard deck which he loved. Even now as I’m writing this it makes me very sad. I thought I was fine with my other three pets, but in June I contacted GDR to ask if you had a male Cattle Dog, and was told about a puppy in Bakersfield that needed a home.

The rescue network is AMAZING!!!!!! Smokie had a very bad accident when he was 3 months old, when his owner ran over his right hind leg. They couldn’t afford vet care so it mended by itself, but it is about ½ inch shorter than his other legs. His owners were going to take him to a high-kill shelter, but a rescue worker who knew the family sent out an SOS for help. During the 3-stage transport process the poor baby somehow got his foot caught in the tailgate of the truck while being transferred and started screaming; they had to give him medication to calm him down for the rest of the trip. I’m the lucky person that got to foster Smokie for GDR. When he arrived here he was terrified, and it took him quite a while to warm up to us.  During the 2 months that I fostered Smokie before adopting him, he was examined by a vet and had X-rays taken of his bad leg.  We decided that, since he wasn’t in pain, it didn’t need to be amputated as previously thought.

Smokie is an absolute love. He, Amber, and Princess Puppy are always near me. When I’m sitting on the couch he is on the floor with his head on my feet, with Amber either on the floor next to him or with me on the couch and Princess Puppy on the other couch. She let Smokie know right away that she is the alpha in the house. I have a feeling that Smokie was left outside to fend for himself and was only given love when he was fed. He was very head shy at first but he’s fine now and only gets nervous with new people; we’re working on that. Rocky was a kisser but Amber is not. Smokie takes after Rocky, and my face gets washed daily with puppy kisses. He also is constantly grooming Amber like wild cats.

Thanks to Grateful Dogs Rescue for the two wonderful additions to my family.  Thanks also for all the vet visits you so graciously took care of to get Smokie up to code. Life is so much better when you have four legged friends!

Tips To Make Your New Rescue Dog Feel At Home

Getting a new pet is exciting for everyone, especially for the rescue dog. However, a high level of excitement is not the ideal way to introduce a rescue dog to your home and make him or her feel safe and comfortable.

Introducing a new pet in the right way is essential to start off with a great relationship from the get-go. Using the wrong techniques can result in immediate and long-term problems. Some tips to make your rescue dog feel at home right away include:

1. The Welcoming Committee

It is best not to have a welcoming committee for your new pet and rather introduce family members individually in a calm and quiet manner. A huge fanfare will leave the dog feeling excited, confused and anxious. This could bring out some negative personality traits, spark past problems and create the idea that this is the way to behave whenever the dog arrives at home or people come to visit.

2. Familiarize

After a quick people introduction, it is best to let everyone, including your new rescue, gets on with their business. Let the dog investigate and familiarize himself with your home and property. He will sniff out all the interesting and not so interesting odors as well as get the chance to see where each family belongs and what they get up to. This will also give the dog the chance to become familiar with sounds in the household as well as the neighborhood and form an understanding of which noises to react to and which are normal.

3. Food And Water

Once the dog seems to have had a good sniff at absolutely everything (he may give the house a few rounds) and seems to be comfortable, give him food and water. You will know he is comfortable when he lies down somewhere. Place the food and water where the dog will always be fed and where he will always be able to find his water. If you want him to wait and only eat when given permission to do so, it is best to start this training immediately. However, don’t force the issue and rather let the new addition to the family eat in peace and quiet.

4. Exit And Entrance

If your dog is going to be living inside and out, show him where he can access the great outdoors and get back inside when he wants to. This will allow him to know where it is appropriate for him to do his business. If you have a yard, it is best to leave him be for a while after eating so he can do his business in private. Alternatively, take him for a walk.

5. Bedding

It is best to provide a comfortable bed for the dog to sleep in, either indoors or out. This will let him know where he belongs and prevent him from getting on your bed or furniture for a nap. It will also give him a place of his own where he can rest in peace and comfort.

6. Toys And Treats

Toys and treats should ideally be introduced last. Both of these create a sense of excitement and playfulness which should only be brought out once the new rescue dog seems comfortable in his new home.

It is best to pay a visit to a site like Smart Pet Toys Review and ensure that you have everything that your new pet will need before he arrives home. Introducing a new bed, food bowls or toys after his first home introduction may confuse him. And perhaps most importantly, give him hugs, cuddles, pet him and give him plenty of love.

7. Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Run Away

Rescue dogs can sometimes want to run away. This doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they just need some time to adjust to their new home. If your dog does run away, don’t panic. There is a good chance you will find it. There is a good list of tips for finding lost dogs here: Most likely you will find your dog quickly and continue the adjustment process. After a couple of weeks he will be part of the family and feel at home.